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  JANUARY 2020
Vaughn Henson
Vaughn Henson
SRC Holdings Corporation
Director of Business Development
Jena Holtberg-Benge
Jena Holtberg-Benge
John Deere Reman
General Manager
Michael Schmit
   Michael Schmit
GE Healthcare
Director, Remanufacturing Technology
Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson
America's Remanufacturing Company
Chief Revenue Officer
John Disharoon
John Disharoon
Immediate Past Chair
Caterpillar Inc.
Director, Market Access
Carl Fletcher
Carl Fletcher
Navistar Inc.
Leader Reman & Aftersales Development
Mark Nugent
Mark Nugent
BBB Industries
Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development
Join us in welcoming our newly appointed Officers and Board members!

Following a two-year term, the Chairmanship was vacated by John Disharoon, Director, Market Access, Caterpillar Inc. Disharoon has served on the Executive Committee for four years and the Board of Directors for five years.

“I am extremely honored and excited to take on the role of Chairman for this hard-working and results-driven organization. John served as Chairman of the Board with the utmost integrity, and we are grateful for his guidance and leadership over the years. I intend to pick up where he left off, continuing our membership growth initiatives and promotion of remanufacturing,” said Vaughn Henson, Chairman, RIC.

New board members, Carl Fletcher, Leader Reman & Aftersales Development, Navistar Inc., and Mark Nugent, Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development, BBB Industries, were elected to two-year terms starting February 1, 2020.

Design for Reman Question
RIC has partnered with the Rochester Institute of Technology and Caterpillar on a REMADE Institute research project to identify key design rules for remanufacturing. The role of RIC is to assure our industry is well represented.

The goal of this project is to develop a set of remanufacturing design rules that can then be adopted across industry sectors and integrated into various engineering tools and CAD platforms. The first step in this process is to collect expert knowledge from the remanufacturing industry about the specific steps, features, guidance, or decisions designers should make to intentionally design for remanufacturing.

Current CAD and other design tools do not include remanufacturing guidance. New products will continue to be developed with little to no consideration for remanufacturing, and the remanufacturing industry will continue to be constrained by remanufacturing products with significant barriers until pragmatic remanufacturing design rules have been actualized and integrated into a designer’s toolkit.

Participation directly from industry is vital to the success of this project. The input we receive from you will be used to make important decisions in the development of the design for reman toolkit.
REMAN DAY - April 9, 2020
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Be sure to save the dates, September 23-24, 2020 for the World Remanufacturing Conference. The conference will be in Rochester, New York. You can expect pre-conference short course at the Rochester Institute of Technology and as well as the popular pre-conference networking dinner!
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