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JUNE 2022
Note from the Chair
Jeff Stukenborg
We celebrated another successful Reman Day this year! Within my own company at ZF Group, I was able to connect with many of our sustainability leaders around the world, make them aware of our in-house remanufacturing and get them excited about the benefits of remanufacturing and impact on sustainability and circular economy. We hosted a number of RIC Reman Association Alliance partners and RIC member companies/customers for a facility tour. Around the world, Reman Day was celebrated at 135 locations in 17 countries on all 6 inhabited continents. We appreciated seeing all of your celebrations on social media.

We are excited to be returning to an in-person event for our RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference this year! Save the date for October 11 – 13, 2022 in Rochester, NY. We will provide more details soon.

If you are interested in learning more about RIC membership, please join us today at 3:00 pm EDT for our next Meet RIC interactive information session. See below for details.

The Chair of our R&D Committee, Sarah Rogers from Southwest Research Institute, has written an article for us about Digital Twin technology. Check it out below.

We would like to thank John Disharoon for his dedicated service to RIC. We wish him well in his retirement. To fill one of the many roles that John has served here at RIC, the Trade & Policy Committee welcomes Ann-Marie Padgett from Caterpillar and Nathan Duncan from Haldex Brakes. Read more in the Trade & Policy Committee News Brief below.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome new member, Haldex Brakes.

Jeff Stukenborg


Reman Day Map
Reman Day was celebrated at 135 locations in 17 countries on all 6 inhabited continents.

In addition, we received 13 proclamations from US cities and states as well as one from the US House of Representatives acknowledging Reman Day on April 14th (the red pins in the map).

We appreciated seeing all of your celebrations on social media!
World Reman Conference
October 12 - 13, 2022 | Rochester, New York
Meet RIC Webinar
Thursday, June 23, 2022 @ 3:00 pm EDT
Meet RIC Interactive Webinar

This will be an informal informational online meeting where you will hear a bit about RIC's recent accomplishments and have a chance to ask any questions you have about RIC membership. You will have the opportunity to talk directly with RIC members to understand the ins and outs of membership and how they benefit from their membership.
The RIC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is planning a session for the conference. We have created a survey to gather some information. Your input would be helpful.
Digital Twin
Digital Twin has become a buzz-phrase of late and as such has possibly lost some of its originally intended meaning. There are accounts of a company using the term to describe digitized paperwork in lieu of the hard copy papers that previously recorded their product’s lifecycle. Others use the term to describe a digital model of something (that may have never been built).  For the purposes of this conversation a digital twin is a digital model of a specific item within the real world.  Think a one-to-one relationship, not a one-to-many.

What does it mean for remanufacturing? Read the article.
John Disharoon is retiring from Caterpillar. John has served on the Trade & Policy Committee since 2012. He has led the committee as its Chair since 2018. During his tenure, the committee has accomplished a number of significant activities including publishing the revised American National Standard for remanufacturing, successfully completing the council’s first ANSI audit, signing a letter to Turkey encouraging the purchase of remanufactured products, commenting on regulatory use of standards, and participating in the development of the ISO standard for Circular Economy.

The committee has two new leaders: Nathan Duncan, Haldex Brakes and Ann-Marie Padgett, Caterpillar. Read more here.
Haldex Logo
The Haldex Like-Nu brand is a leader in remanufactured parts for truck, trailer, and transit. Like-Nu is not a rebuilder. Our parts are remanufactured – fully restored – to ensure integrity and “like new’ performance.  A brand of remanufactured parts that are better than new; they’re Like-Nu™. Our parts aren’t just rebuilt or restored, they’re completely remanufactured to Like-Nu standards. Our systematic process maintains the highest quality. Each component stands on its own merit, ensuring no Like-Nu part is compromised. Strong warranties back the parts and the promises we make, so our products are as reliable as new parts for a fraction of the price. Truly, the only thing you’re giving up is the extra cost. Today’s the day to get your fleet running Like-Nu.

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