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February 2019

2019 is in full swing and we already have a lot of exciting things to tell you about!

First, the January Board of Directors elections added representation from the restaurant equipment sector. Nine of the 12 recognized remanufacturing industries are now represented on the RIC Board of Directors showing the truly cross-industry nature of the Council.  As you know, it is imperative to our mission to advance the entire remanufacturing industry. We would like to thank all of our members who nominated candidates and voted in this important election as your opinion and direction matters.  

Next, several of our members had the opportunity to participate in a workforce development feedback session with REMADE Institute. As the workforce gap soars, it is only becoming increasingly more important to find ways to close that gap. Below is more information on the recent workforce development report released by REMADE Institute. We look forward to future opportunities to make an impact regarding this significant initiative.

Finally, we are excited to see the reman community gearing up for Reman Day! Be sure to register your event, shop at the Reman Day store and get involved in the Reman Day Festival. Your participation is critical to the program’s success and promoting our reman industry.

Warm regards,

Jenn Brake

Director of Marketing & Membership

January BOD Elections Add Representation
Restaurant Equipment Industry
The RIC is pleased to announce the addition of Sharla Holladay, Co-owner of Best Beverage Equipment Service to the Board of Directors. Holladay will represent the restaurant equipment remanufacturing industry on the RIC Board of Directors. Holladay has worked on remanufacturing standards in the Foodservice sector since 1999.

In addition to Holladay, the following RIC Board members were reelected to new terms: Vaughn Henson, General Manager, SRC Logistics; Nabil Nasr, CEO, REMADE Institute & Associate Provost and Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology; Jeffrey Stukenborg: Chief Engineer, Reman, WABCO Reman Solutions; and Todd Wieland, Director of Engineering – New & ReCon Parts Manufacturing, Cummins, Inc.

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2019 BOD Elections
REMADE Institute Logo
RIC Members Participate in
Workforce Development Activity
REMADE Institute has released the Workforce Profile: Clean Energy, Innovation & Sustainability report outlining the current state of the workforce in the remanufacturing industry. One of the many goals of REMADE Institute is to develop and implement an education and workforce development program that will fill workforce gaps and help build the next generation of the remanufacturing and recycling workforce.

The Workforce Profile report looks at the current workforce from a two-level perspective: the engineer and technician. Occupation analytics, relevant labor market data and job posting analytics are outlined for both levels. The report delivers a baseline understanding of the existing workforce and provides information to identify where opportunities exist in the workforce.

Several RIC members have volunteered to participate in a confidential one-on-one feedback session on workforce development. This information combined with the report will be used to inform REMADE workforce development activities going forward, including webinars, workshops, online programs, and project call topics to be included in future requests for proposals.

"John Deere Remanufacturing leadership participated in the feedback session and focus group to share our challenges and needs related to workforce development," said Jena Holtberg-Benge, General Manager, John Deere Reman. "We participated because we strongly believe that a focused effort on workforce development will enable us to attract and retain talent in our industry.  Without the collective efforts of those of us in remanufacturing we will be unable to meet the needs of our growing and unique businesses."

To learn more about REMADE Institute and to view the report go to
Reman Day logo
Reman Day Store

Looking for something special for your staff or for just the right item to make your Reman Day event stand-out? Look no further, the Reman Day store has just what you need.

The 2019 Reman Day store has an expanded selection of  Reman Day merchandise. New this year is the ability to customize the following items with your company logo:
  • T-shirt
  • Tumbler
  • Baseball Hat
  • Mug
  • Tote Bag

Be sure to check it out ASAP - the store will be closing on March 4th in order to ensure your products will arrive in time for your Reman Day celebration.

Register Your Reman Day Event

To help us measure the impact of Reman Day, be sure to register your event at Your event will be included on the Reman Day map and event finder. We have updated the registration form to make it quicker and easier with a pre-populated field for the event description.

If you are having trouble deciding what to do? Check out the
Plan Your Event table on the Reman Day website.

Day-long Event Combines Reman Day Celebrations
With Reman Education
Reman Day Festival
Join remanufactures as they tune-in to see Reman Day events around the world and participate in educational webinars.

The goal of the festival is to provide a platform to bring together Reman Day events around the world and provide valuable educational webinars on remanufacturing.

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RIC R&D Spring Workshop & Facility Tour
at Anniston Army Depot
RIC Spring R&D Workshop & Facility Tour
Calling all RIC Members! Registration is now open for the Spring R&D Workshop and Facility Tour at Anniston Army Depot on May 3, 2019. The event includes a networking dinner reception on May 2 at the Berman Museum of Natural History.

Nonmembers who would like to attend may contact Jenn Brake at 585-380-8041 or

Reman News
Pierce Industries + Enbi logos
Reman World February Issue
The Enbi Group and Pierce Industries entered in a beneficial Strategic Alliance.  Enbi Rochester, Inc. moved their local manufacturing operations to combine with Pierce at their current site operations in Rochester.  This will provide the combined companies the ability to pull on all strengths and cost saving effectiveness.
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Hot off the presses - Reman World February 2019 issue covering reman news on a global scale.

Looking to reach the reman audience? Contact
Niels Christiansen at for more information.
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RIC Director Spotlight
Todd Wieland

Todd Wieland
Cummins, Inc.
Director of Engineering -
New & ReCon Parts Mfg

Cummins, Inc. logo
What do you do in your current role?
I lead R&D for the Aftermarket Business at Cummins.  Much of our focus is on developing technology and processes to enable high quality, cost-effective remanufacturing of current and future products across the full range of remanufacturing operations - disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, assembly and test.  We develop solutions for new or difficult challenges, as well as determine how to leverage capabilities of emerging technologies like additive manufacturing.  Context can include reducing cost or improving yield of traditional products, as well as devising remanufacturing approaches for new component types like exhaust aftertreatment devices or electrified powertrains.

How long have you been in the remanufacturing industry?
Thinking back, I had my first exposure without really recognizing it during my first professional job in the U.S. Navy.  Obviously, they have a long history of extending the use cycle of their high value assets through the use of processes very similar to what we call remanufacturing.  But I formally entered the reman business in 2003, leading a small team of 3 people when virtually all dedicated engineering resources were located in plants.  Our mandate was to apply advanced understanding of products and processes to help the plants recover more from core, returning 5x our total cost in green dollar savings.  Yes, we were “from Corporate and here to help”, but really did!

What is your favorite thing about your job?
That 3 person team has grown to about 50 in multiple locations around the world.  We’ve been able to build an R&D center dedicated to supporting our customers in the aftermarket.  So the first most favorite thing is the opportunity to work with excellent people inside and outside of Cummins.  Cummins has a great work culture and I’m proud of our core values.  The R&D team has a good mixture of youthful exuberance (who aren’t so limited by “what’s not possible”) and seasoned expertise (to help us change what’s not possible).  We work with all the functions within our plants, new product development teams and the entire supply chain.  We work with great suppliers, universities and national labs around the world.  So the breadth and depth of all of this interaction is enjoyable.   The next favorite is the fact that we work with the broadest product scope of most anyone in the company – the full range of product sizes, 5 years into the future and 40 years into the past!  Next, remanufacturing actually involves many interesting technical challenges in each of the steps mentioned above.  How to disassemble things that were permanent assemblies to begin with or have since become so in service?  How to clean away years of road grime while using less energy or water?  How to inspect not only for visible defects, but for the less visible ones or even for the remaining useful life?  How to add back material removed by wear or corrosion?  How to use additive manufacturing to make those internal components long since out of production?  Finally, the planet isn’t getting any bigger but our demands on it are.  Reman enables us to be more efficient in our collective use of constrained resources.  This adds additional nobility and urgency to our work.

Why did you get involved with RIC?
The technical challenges noted above are common ones, and so there is a place for pre-competitive collaboration.  There are still regulatory and commercial barriers that interfere with the movement of core and acceptance of reman products against which we can advocate and educate together.  So the RIC has become part of that first favorite thing of working with excellent people in remanufacturing.

Welcome New RIC Members
Navistar logo
With the largest dealer network in the industry, the parts you need are always close by. Count on your local International or IC Bus dealer to be your one-stop source for parts from Navistar®, plus thousands of other trusted parts brands, including top names like Bendix, Bosch, Meritor, Chevron, Goodyear, Truck-Lite and many more.

No matter what the location, every International and IC Bus dealer is committed to providing local access to over 1 million proprietary and All-Makes maintenance parts, oil and chemicals, brakes or engines, and universal parts available to maximize your vehicle's uptime.

Get the right part, right now, for any make of vehicle. All parts supplied by Navistar are guaranteed by Navistar – one of the most trusted names in the truck and bus industries.

To learn more, call 1-331-332-5000.
Best Beverage Equipment Service
Best Beverage Equipment Service offers complete beverage equipment program solutions for the restaurant, convenience store and food service sectors.

John and Sharla Holladay recognized the need for an organized, transparent and customize-able approach to an industry that was traditionally "back room wiped down". The systems put in place deliver a consistent product to meet the most exacting customer's expectations and budget. 

With key manufacturer relationships (both domestic and international), and leveraging other segments of the company, (such as a 27 state service arm and online retail store), general industry knowledge has been increased and accessibility heightened regarding remanufactured products in the foodservice industry.

For more information on Best Beverage, please visit our website at, or the online
SOBIDA MOTORS CORPORATION is one of the leading innovators and fastest growing companies in the Philippine automotive industry with 49 years of experience. They build trucks that exceed the market’s quality expectations. Situated at the only five-star 10-hectare remanufacturing facility in the Philippines, SOBIDA caters to all the unique demands of the local truck market.

To learn more, go to
Reman ACE Awards
The ACE Awards are based on the mission of the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) to ADVOCATE, COLLABORATE, and EDUCATE on behalf of the remanufacturing industry. These extraordinary awards were the first of their kind involving all sectors.
The three nomination categories are:
  • Advocate:  This category looks at how the nominee promotes Remanufacturing or sustainability in business, government, education or other field.
  • Collaborate: This category looks at how the nominee works with other companies, regulatory bodies, and law makers to build consensus and team work in order to promote Remanufacturing and other sustainable practices.
  • Educate:  This category looks at how the nominee demonstrates a passion toward educating others on the benefits of Remanufacturing and sustainability.
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