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June 2018
RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference
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RIC Chairman Letter
We are three months away from the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference. Our planning committee has lined up a very dynamic week of events starting with short courses offered at the Rochester Institute of Technology on September 18, 2018.

The conference will be held at the RIT Inn & Conference Center on September 19 & 20. This year, our conference is tag teaming with the World Remanufacturing Summit, attracting reman leaders from around the world. I'm proud to announce that the conference key note speaker is Tana Utley, Vice President, Large Power Systems Division at Caterpillar.

The conference will wrap up on Friday, September 21 with a facility tour at Alstom USA. Transportation will be provided to the Alstom facility in Hornell, New York.  If you’ve traveled on the metro in the larger cities in the US or on Amtrak, you’ve been on an Alstom train.  

Be sure to register right away to receive Early Bird pricing and I look forward to welcoming you to the conference!
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Reman ACE Awards
Nominations are now open for the RIC Remanufacturing ACE Awards. The ACE Awards are awarded to an inspiring person or company that is recognized for their leadership in creating positive change for the remanufacturing industry.

Winners will be announced at the RIC Remanufacturing ACE Awards dinner on September 19, 2018 at the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference.
RIC Members in the News

Reman World June 2018 Issue
The June 2018 issue of Reman World is out. The publication highlights a variety of events from around the world.
Save the Date: Webinar
Save the date for our latest webinar on Core Management and Reverse Logistics Challenges. Event details will be sent out next week. 
Xerox blog post
Xerox blog post explains how remanufacturing fits into a circular economy and how their product line fits this model.
RIC Workshop & Facility Tour
RIC R&D Committee is hosting a workshop and facility tour. Participation is open to RIC members and invited guests. Register today!
RIC Director Spotlight

Steve Holden

Steve Holden
Carlyle Compressor (Carrier Corporation)
Manager, Special Projects

What do you do in your current role?
As Manager of Special Projects, I try to leverage the experience that I have gained over nearly 30 years with Carlyle.  My prior roles have included global leadership for the compression engineering technologies which eventually led into general management leadership for the entire compression business.  This prior experience across all facets of our business allows me to help the next generation of leaders find new ways to improve our current business and identify new opportunities to grow the business.

How long have you been in the remanufacturing industry?
Carlyle Compressor has been involved in the remanufacturing industry for over 50 years.  What started as a third party that was licensed to access our technical specifications for the remanufacture of our compressors has evolved into a key component of our business.  Interestingly, the first business trip that I took after graduating from college nearly 30 years ago was to this third party’s factory outside of Atlanta to learn about how they fit within our business.  This was long before the "greening" of the economy, but they had figured out how to leverage the financial benefit of products that have multiple life cycles.   In 2001, Carlyle acquired that independent remanufacturing business and fully integrated the remanufacturing processes and products into our business model.  In 2004 we consolidated our operations such that our brand new as well as remanufactured compressors are all assembled under the same roof.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
Carlyle is a wholly owned business within the Carrier air conditioning company, we literally invented the air conditioning business, so there’s a lot of history inside the company and within the industry.  It amazes me that we still get an occasional core returned that is 40 or 50 years old!  We don’t always remanufacture these much older designs but, for me, they’re an interesting opportunity to learn more about the history of my company.  We regularly get compressors back from the field that are 20-30 years old.  What I find truly fascinating is our ability to take cores that span decades of original production and be able to completely upgrade them through our remanufacturing processes.  By having access to the up-to-date internal technical specifications we can include all of the design enhancements that have occurred over the years and offer a remanufactured product that is truly equivalent to current production.

Why did you get involved with RIC?
We became involved with RIC last year after learning of the new remanufacturing standard that RIC had created and released through ANSI.  The information in the standard led to our attending the first Global Reman Conference in the fall and learning about several new services and technologies that might be applicable to our business.  RIC has helped to open the door to these new technologies for us to use in improving and expanding our business.
Welcome to New RIC Member
Lifecycle Specialties
At Lifecycle Specialties, we provide environment friendly solutions and save companies money.  Our engineers and machinists develop and improve remanufacturing processes which reduce cycle time, scrap, and cost.  

Lifecycle Specialties’ fully equipped machine shop, including CNC mills, lathes, grinders, water jets, precise measurement equipment and more, provides the ability to remanufacture a variety of mechanical components.  

Lifecycle Specialties works on the challenges that companies do not have the time or experience to address.  Remanufacturing to reuse parts means cost reduction and less waste for the environment. Click here to learn more about their capabilities.

Why Lifecycle Specialties?
-50+ years of experience in Engineering, Manufacturing & Remanufacturing, Quality &Six Sigma
-Industry network with thousands of relevant connections
-Certified as WOSB by SBA & WBE by WBENC
-ISO 9001:2015 certification in process
-Environmentally friendly solutions

Visit their website at or contact Donna Turner at
Welcome to New RIC Committee Member
Russell Hildebrand
Research & Development Committee

Russell Hildebrand
Reman Day-April 11, 2019
April 11, 2019
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