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JUNE 2020
Vaughn Henson
The Remanufacturing Industries Council has undergone remarkable progression in the past five years as we’ve pursued our vision to Advocate, Collaborate, and Educate on behalf of the entire industry. Through these years, the RIC has seen a steady increase in membership, one which we can contribute to our members’ hard work and dedication.

What is more apparent than ever before is that we cannot achieve success if we choose to pursue this mission alone. Instead, success requires that we consistently work to achieve our goals through collaboration and strategic initiatives that will lead to the entire industry’s advancement. We are happy to welcome Amazon Renewed, nFlow, and the Association for Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR) to the RIC family.

This is the fourth year RIC will recognize three inspiring leaders for their outstanding contribution to the reman industry through our Remanufacturing ACE Awards program. Each winner is awarded a $1,000 scholarship to use in their community. Nominations are now open.

Stay healthy,

Vaughn Henson


Prior to the pandemic, the economy was at an all-time high and unemployment was at a historic low. Finding qualified workers in remanufacturing was difficult, forcing companies to get creative with workforce development. We are relatively confident that the pandemic will end, the economy will fully open up, and companies will once again be filling much-needed positions.

Thanks to the efforts being made between the remanufacturing industry and academia, we are starting to see more and more programs implemented to help students gain important skills used in the remanufacturing process. There is also an increase in support for non-traditional students and apprenticeship programs.

In an effort to support programs geared toward preparing students for a life-long career in remanufacturing, the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) developed the Remanufacturing ACE Awards scholarship program as part of the annual Remanufacturing ACE Awards.

The ACE Awards are based on the mission of the RIC to Advocate, Collaborate, and Educate on behalf of the remanufacturing industry and are awarded to an inspiring person or company that is recognized for their leadership in creating positive change for the remanufacturing industry and sustainability.
And the ACE Award Goes to…
In 2019 Don Bigler, Chairman of the Board, BBB Industries, was an ACE Awards winner in recognition of his efforts to advocate for the remanufacturing industry. Don founded BBB over 30 years ago and has since grown the company to become the leader in the remanufacturing of starters, alternators, hydraulic and air disc brake calipers, power steering products, and turbochargers for the OEM, personal and commercial vehicle aftermarket industries.

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Don Bigler, BBB Industries
BBB Industries
ACE Awards Nominations Now Open
Nominations are now open for the Remanufacturing ACE Awards. The ACE Awards are based on the mission of the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) to ADVOCATE, COLLABORATE, and EDUCATE on behalf of the remanufacturing industry. These extraordinary awards were the first of their kind involving all sectors.

The three nomination categories are:
  • Advocate:  This category looks at how the nominee promotes Remanufacturing or sustainability in business, government, education or other field.
  • Collaborate: This category looks at how the nominee works with other companies, regulatory bodies, and law makers to build consensus and team work in order to promote Remanufacturing and other sustainable practices.
  • Educate:  This category looks at how the nominee demonstrates a passion toward educating others on the benefits of Remanufacturing and sustainability.
AMDR logo
The Remanufacturing Industries Council is pleased to announce the addition of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR) to the Remanufacturing Association Alliance (RAA), bringing the total number of participating associations to eight.

The Remanufacturing Association Alliance is a collaboration of remanufacturing associations that foster the dissemination of remanufacturing news, best practices, and information relevant to the entire industry. This unprecedented, synergetic alliance was created in February 2017 and provides a framework for cooperation and support of strategic initiatives for advancing industry objectives in all sectors.

“The AMDR is joining the RAA at an exciting time as remanufacturing continues to provide a leading role in advancing many important industries to a circular economy. We are confident they will provide a valuable perspective on the medical industry and look forward to their participation in RAA driven initiatives,” said Vaughn Henson, Chairman, Remanufacturing Industries Council, and Director of Business Development, SRC Holdings Corp.

Founded 20 years ago, AMDR is the global trade association consisting of members of the regulated, professional single-use medical device reprocessing and remanufacturing industry. AMDR represents the reprocessing industry, promotes reprocessing as an important healthcare strategy that helps hospitals and healthcare providers increase quality, reduce costs and build a more resilient supply chain, and protects the interests of its members in regulation, legislation, and standard-setting. Follow AMDR on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about their work.

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AMDR Files Amicus
Reman's ERP Moment Has Arrived
Best Beverage
Henkel Online Seminars
BBB Industries
Amazon Renewed
Amazon Renewed is the trusted destination for a large selection of like-new, pre-owned smartphones, computers, power tools, kitchen appliances and more.

Products sold on Amazon Renewed have been professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new, by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The suppliers, who may be the original manufacturers or specialized third-party remanufacturers, must meet strict criteria and ongoing performance targets to be able to sell on Amazon Renewed. All Renewed products are covered by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

To learn more about Amazon Renewed and discover a high-quality, pre-owned product, visit the Amazon Renewed store.

nFLOW is a global provider of remanufactured engines, turbochargers and injectors for a variety of applications.  Offering a full lineup of remanufactured solutions for engines in off-road powersports, agricultural, industrial, on/off highway trucks, and marine applications, nFLOW’s expertise combines full service engine machining with air and fuel system delivery components to provide a remanufactured solution for their customers.

To learn more, visit
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