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March 2018
RIC Member Companies Team-up
with Local College on Reman Curriculum

Ozark Technical College
It’s not surprising that Ozark Technical College (OTC) in Springfield Missouri is one of the first colleges to offer its students technical degrees with a focus in remanufacturing. Springfield is considered a remanufacturing hub; home of RIC members Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC), CNH Industrial Reman, and John Deere Reman.

According to a recent press release by OTC, "The new remanufacturing courses offered by the college will cover the following fundamental remanufacturing principles: core management, inspection and cleaning, salvage and reclamation through machining, assembly and testing, and preventative maintenance. The courses will also include an intensive hands-on training component. Graduates who follow the new remanufacturing pathway will have the emphasis in remanufacturing technology noted on their diplomas."

RIC Board Vice Chair and General Manager at SRC Logistics Inc., Vaughn Henson, told us, "Remanufacturing requires highly trained job applicants, across multiple disciplines, to handle the many tasks required to produce quality products. Used cores must be properly evaluated, disassembled, cleaned, machined, reassembled, tested, packaged and shipped. Solution developers are needed to customize software, engineers ensure high quality standards, material procurement and packaging and freight teams are all needed as well. OTC is a valuable partner helping to supply the skill sets and training needed by our industry."

Reman Day April 12
The word is out. April 12th is shaping up to be a very exciting day! We are seeing a growing number of remanufactures from around the world - Spain, Romania, Singapore, and more - registering their events for Reman Day 2018.

Having trouble deciding how to celebrate? Don't worry there are all kinds of ways to celebrate. Some companies are celebrating by having donuts or pizza in the break room for their employees while others are providing tours for students and government officials. You decide what works best for your organization. Just be sure to register your event to show your support.

Register your event with as little as a date and location - the registration process is easy and you can make changes at any time.

RIC Director Spotlight

Jana Holtberg-Benge
John Deere Reman
General Manager
What do you do in your current role?
As General Manager I provide strategic direction and leadership for the global remanufacturing business within Deere. This includes the responsibility and oversight of our Reman facilities in Springfield and Strafford, Missouri, Edmonton, Alberta Canada and global distribution.  I focus on manufacturing, procuring, and marketing the highest quality remanufactured parts for John Deere agriculture, construction and forestry customers.  We primarily produce remanufactured engines, drive train, fuel, rotating electrical, AC, turbo and electronic components. My team works closely with our sister John Deere product lines to determine our customer’s remanufactured component needs, which often leads to a broadening of our portfolio or markets that we serve. Another important part of my role is staying engaged in my local community and industry specific efforts that support our business and ability to attract, retain and develop excellent employees.

How long have you been in the remanufacturing industry?
John Deere has been in the remanufacturing business for over twenty years, formed originally through a series of joint ventures, we now have three wholly owned businesses.  Personally I have been in the business for just under a year, making my engagement in RIC even more instrumental to my understanding of the industry.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
I have three favorite areas of my job; the people, the work to improve the business, and my commitment to our community.   First, the people associated with our business:  We have an amazing team, with a depth of knowledge related to remanufacturing unrivaled within Deere and many of our competitors.  It is a joy to work with them, learn from them and a thrill to experience the competitive advantage it provides us.  Secondly: I also enjoy the daily struggle and desire to improve our business. As in any other remanufacturing or manufacturing business we are continually striving to improve the rigor with which we execute to consistently meet customer, dealer and other stakeholder needs.  Thirdly: I am not only engaged in RIC, but I also actively participate in Springfield, MO community organizations, which strengthens our ties to universities, other businesses, and associations that support us.  I am passionate about the Springfield area and the unique focus on remanufacturing that we have here, this translates into ways that can help us attract, retain and develop employees within the John Deere Reman business.

Why did you get involved with RIC?
John Deere has a long standing engagement with RIC and I was introduced to the organization as I started my new role as GM.  The RIC mission is synonymous with what we are trying to accomplish internally at John Deere in terms of awareness, education and standardization of remanufacturing.  In addition, RIC enriches our understanding of what is happening in the industry, best practices we can leverage and ways we can improve our business.  Thus, my involvement in the RIC board not only allows me to have a significant impact on the public’s understanding of remanufacturing, but also enables my organization to tap into a wealth of resources, expertise and committees that have a significant impact on our business.
Welcome to our New Member
CoreCentric Solutions logo
CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., headquartered just outside Chicago, IL, provides customized product and part lifecycle management and remanufacturing solutions to some of the largest US Retailers and Major Appliance Manufacturer’s in the world.
World Reman Conference
The World Remanufacturing Conference will be held in Rochester, NY on September 19-20, 2018. More information will be coming soon. In the meantime, save the date, and stay informed by visiting the conference website:  

Now Accepting ACE Award Nominations

Reman ACE Awards
The ACE Awards are awarded to an inspiring person or company that is recognized for their leadership in creating positive change for the remanufacturing industry in the category of Advocacy, Collaboration, and Education. ACE Award recipients are willing to do what it takes to make a difference and we think they should be celebrated for their efforts.
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