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Note from the Chair
Jeff Stukenborg
Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a number of great things in 2023!

First, we are very excited to announce our 2023 RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference will be held in Springfield, MO November 7-9. In the heart of reman country we will have the opportunity for multiple facility tours, so we are extending the length of the conference to two and a half days. We look forward to sharing more information soon. In the meantime, save the date!

We have just completed our 2023 Board elections and are pleased to announce that myself, Dave Ahlstrand, and Casey Blevins have been reelected. We are also pleased to welcome Mike White from SRC Logistics to the Board.

Our 2023 Reman Day graphic is now available. You can download the graphic in various shapes and sizes as well as suggested posts to share on social media. Also, don't forget to request a proclamation from your state. Remember that Reman Day is Thursday, April 13.

Our R&D Committee has a webinar coming up next week. This session will focus on the IT Sector. See below for why it's not just for members of the IT industry, but recommended for everyone.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome our newest member, Circuit Board Medics!

Jeff Stukenborg


We are pleased to have Jeff Stukenborg, Dave Ahlstrand, and Casey Blevins returning for another year on our Board and we welcome Mike White to the Board! See the full announcement here.
The 2023 graphics for Reman Day are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Share them on social media, send them out in your newsletters, or distribute flyers - whatever works best for you!
Information Technology Webinar
Not Just for IT
You may not see how some of the sector webinars apply to you and your business, especially if the sector represented is different from yours, but there is likely a lot more you can take away from each of these presentations. This webinar series educates the audience on what different sectors are doing, their best practices, and their biggest challenges.  

In our last webinar on Consumer Products we learned about the sector’s understanding about the difference between refurbishing and remanufacturing, how the decision is made about what effort should be put into a product, and how the sector works with OEMs in a mutually beneficial way. There were key takeaways that can be translated across many other sectors, not to mention what some of us learned as consumers.

Our next two sectors, Information Technology, on February 8th and Office Furniture in April, attendees will not only learn about the unique challenges for the sectors but also how the sectors’ activities may be leveraged by the attendees’ companies to help achieve sustainability goals.  

We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming webinars and hearing your learnings from these educational presentations. Don’t forget, even if you are busy, you can register and watch the replay a little later.

Learning Objectives
  1. Hear from an Ewaste company with an overview of the waste produced by the IT sector and how it is handled.
  2. Hear about the challenges reman companies contend with when cheap knockoffs flood the market.
  3. Hear about how remanufacturing companies cope with rapid technology advances and how they weigh the trade off between new products with less environmental impact vs the lower environmental impact of remanufacturing.
In a world that tends toward replacement, Circuit Board Medics recognizes the value of fixing what is broken. Founded in 2010, Circuit Board Medics (CBM) has cemented its place in the remanufacturing world through high quality work and stellar customer service. CBM specializes in repairing and rebuilding circuitry in automotive and appliance modules. By repairing these components, CBM offers customers an alternative to high cost replacement parts and a timely solution for malfunctioning ovens, refrigerators, cars, trucks and more.

As a company, Circuit Board Medics values the opportunity to serve people. Rather than being governed by the bottom line, CBM strives for solutions that benefit customers. Often this means going beyond just the in-house repair work to consult with customers remotely in order to diagnose and troubleshoot faults and failures. Through this level of excellence in workmanship and true customer care, Circuit Board Medics has earned a five-star reputation in the world of automotive and appliance circuit board remanufacture.
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